Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Get Your Own Free Laptop

In this horrible economy, even small things feel expensive. Highly priced items like laptops are out of the question on a limited budget. Or are they?

This guide will help YOU get a brand new laptop for just a few dollars, or even totally FREE! Getting a free laptop isn't as hard as it seems- I am writing this guide from a laptop I got without spending a cent of my own money! Unlike the scammers, I don't claim to have some 'hacked' referral link. Why? Because hacked referral links simply don't exist. In this guide, I will let you in on my enormously successful technique to get referrals. This technique will greatly simplify the part of the freebie process that people often find to be most difficult.

PART 1 - Signing Up

To get your free laptop, you first need to sign up at this trusted site. Use only real information- otherwise you will not receive your free laptop.

Be sure to select a referral account- this guide will help you get referrals in section 3. The company (Transcendent Innovations) will NEVER sell your information, and you will not get spam or junk mail from them.

PART 2 - Offer

This site is able to give you a laptop for free because their sponsors pay for people to complete offers. These offers vary in price, from 100% free to over a hundred dollars. You will need to complete 1 level A offer or 50 points of level B offers. Check out the directions at this page to make sure your offer credits. Here are some of my favorite level A offers:

1. Amazing Web Stores- Teaches you how to make an online store for only the shipping cost of $1.95

2. Netflix- Become a monthly Netflix subscriber for credit.

3. GameFly - A month long trial of the popular game renting service that costs a small fee of only $8.95.
There are several completely free level B offers that can be used

PART 3 - Referrals

Many people find getting referrals to be the hardest part of the freebie process. For this free gift, you will need to get a certain amount of people to sign up using your referral link (you will get a referral link after you sign up). Once they have done that, you will get your free laptop!

My process for getting referrals is very mixed- I use many different techniques at once. Here they are:

GetRef- a service that can get you referrals for ANY program. It uses a credit system for buying and selling referrals.

Traffic Exchanges- These sites give you traffic. I make my own splash pages (pages that direct viewers to my websites) on blogspot, and then send traffic to them with traffic exchanges.

Word of Mouth- I get my friends and family (who do not live with me- only 1 account is allowed per household) to sign up as my referral and complete offers.

Other Techniques- Sign up and complete an offer, and I will send you a guide on a few other special techniques for getting referrals.

General Hints
Here are some rules that you should always follow to ensure that you get your free laptop:
1. Never create two accounts. The site will find out, and both accounts will be put on hold. You will not be rewarded for any progress you make if this happens, and they will not let you create a new account.
2. Never sign in from a public place where someone else could have logged on to their own account. Also never sign on from the same place as a friend who has an account.
3. Never use false info, for an offer or for when you sign up to the site. The site will find out and put your account on permanent hold.
4. Never complete an offer more than once for any site, ever. Again the site will find out, and they will put you on hold
5. When completing an offer, be sure to try the product or service out. Do not immediately cancel.

Thanks for reading this, and feel free to email me if you have any questions at